Upcoming / Current Exhibitions

Decade: Selected Works from 2006-2016

January 6- April 1, 2017

First Friday Openings: January 6, February 3 & March 3 from 6-9 pm

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center

Main Gallery

2012 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO

Gallery Hours: Thurs - Sat 11 - 5



Moving Boundary

July 15 - August 15

Jigang Qin Exhibition Hall

Sanmin Arts Village

Nanning, Guangi Provence, China

Reception: Saturday August 13, 6-9 pm

Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat 9-5 | Sun, Noon - 4


Freak Show

October 7 - 28

Red Lodge Clay Center Gallery

123 S Broadway Ave

Red Lodge, MT

Reception: October 7, 5-7 pm

Exhibition Posted Online: October 10, 10 am

Gallery Hours: Tue – Sat 10 – 6 | Sun, Noon – 4



The Red Lodge Clay Center is pleased to present the FREAK SHOW, an exhibition featuring figurative ceramic artwork that looks at abstraction and abnormalities within the figurative realm. Within the tradition of ceramics, the figure has been a prominent staple and continues to evolve in contemporary ceramics. This exhibition draws influence from the freak shows and traveling carnivals that once toured the country showcasing extraordinary conditions of the human physique, heavily tattooed individuals, and fire eaters. This exhibition, full of abnormalities and abstraction, will keep you entertained throughout the duration of the show!


Go for Baroque: Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art

May 22  - September 4

Racine Art Museum

441 Main Street

Racine, WI

Gallery Hours: Tue – Sat 10 – 5 | Sun, Noon – 5



Go for Baroque: Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art features artists that comment on luxury, artificiality, consumption, ornament, and the line between the beautiful and the grotesque. Whether a wall installation composed of silver reflective woven strips of paper, polymer works that look like banquet centerpieces, or extravagant, colorful jewelry, these artists investigate contemporary cultural, social, and historical ideas.


Echt Gallery Artists Exhibition

Summer 2016

Echt Gallery

222 W Superior St.

Chicago, IL

Gallery Hours: Tue - Sat 11 - 5



Abject Reverie

Solo Exhibition of Abject Reverie

September 30 - November 2

Elizabeth Sinnock Gallery

1515 Jersey St

Quincy, IL

Reception: September 30, 7 - 9

Gallery Talk: September 30, 7:30 pm

Gallery Hours: Mon – Sat 9 – 4

Workshop October 1, 9 - 5 p.m. Register through Quincy Art Center.



The Human Figure: Proportion and the Maquette Demonstrated by Misty Gamble, observe a sculpting strategy to create a proportinoally ideal small figure study. Based on the eight head system (that Vitruvius Pollio wrote about in his influential books on architecture), understand a methodology that involves cutting a block of clay into units to create a symmetrically proportional figure in heighth, width and length.





Sunset | Sunrise : Work from Studio Nong

March 3 - April 16

Weinberger Fine Art

114 SW BLVD, KCMO 64108

Kansas City, MO

Reception: March 17, 5-9

Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri 10-6 | Sat, Noon-5



Tramp l’oeil: Ceramics of the Third Wave

Fraction Print Studio and Gallery

130 W 18th St.

Kansas City, MO

Opening Reception: March 4, 7-9

NCECA Bus Route: March 13, 10-5

NCECA Opening: March 17, 5-9:30March 16, 10-5

This exhibition showcases work that challenges gender conventions in distinct ways. Created in a range of ceramic media, it resonates with the broader conversation about feminism, gender, power, and beauty.


Strictly Figurative: Invitational

February 5 - March 20

Carter Art Center Gallery

MCC-Penn Valley

3201 Southwest Trafficway

Kansas City, MO

Opening Reception: February 5, 6-9

NCECA Opening: March 18, 5-9:30

Gallery Hours: February 5 - March 4

Tue - Fri, 1-5 | Sat, Noon-3

Hours During NCECA: March 13 - 20

Sun - Thur, 10-5 | Fri, 10-9:30 | Sun, 11-2




The Once and Future: New Now

February 5 - March 19

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

2004 Baltimore Avenue

Kansas City, MO

Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 7-9 pm



Every Semester: Collecting KCAI Ceramics 1995 - 2015

January 8 - March 19, 2016

Belger Arts Center

2100 Walnut Street

Kansas CIty, MO

Opening Reception: Friday, January 8, 6-9 pm

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Friday 10-4, Saturday Noon-4, First Friday 10-9



Sunrise | Sunset : Work from Studio Nong

January 8 - February 5, 2016

Hyde Gallery

Nesin Graduate School

477 South Main

Memphis, TN

Reception: Friday, January 29, 6-9 pm

Gallery Hours:  Monday - Friday noon-5 pm and Saturday noon-7 pm



Memphis College of Art is pleased to present an exhibition of over fifty ceramic artworks created by members of the Studio Nong Collective International Residency and Program. The work of this exhibition was made during the summer of 2015 in a stateside artistic even that began in Memphis, Tennessee at the Memphis College of Art and completed in Kansas City at the Kansas CIty Art Institute. Studio Nong is an international collaboration between American and Chinese sculptors that fosters the exchange of traditions and techniques between diverse academies and cultures. Formed through a shared interest in figurative ceramic sculpture, members incorporate both past and contemporary eastern and western practices. Each member has a unique, innovative platform for approaching and creating art. This joint venture allows individuals of the collective to function simultaneously as mentor and maker for students, artists from the community, and each other. Through workshops, lectures and exhibitions, members of Studio Nong share their knowledge of innovation and cooperation with communities and institutions who recognize and appreciate art's communicative and transformative power. Participating artists are: Jessie Fisher, Misty Gamble, Scott Seebart (Kansas City Art Institute), Leandra Urrutia (Memphis College of Art), Zhenhai He, Shanwu Huang, Bangmin Nong, and Jigang Qin (Guanxi Arts Institute, China).



Sunset | Sunrise : Work from Studio Nong

August 28 - September 18, 2015

Belger Crane Yard Gallery

Red Star Studios

2011 Tracy Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64108

Opening Reception: Friday, August 28, 2015 6-9 PM

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Friday 10-5 pm and Saturday 10-4 pm




Abject Reverie

January 25 - March 9, 2013

Duane Reed Gallery

4729 McPherson Avenue

St. Louis, Missouri

Reception and meet the artist: Friday, January 25, 5-8

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 pm and by appointment



New, Four: Kansas City Art Institute Faculty Biennial

October 26 - December 12, 2013

H&R Block Artspace

16 East 43rd Street

Kansas City, Missouri

Gallery Talk: Wednesday, November 6, 7pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday Noon-5pm and Saturday 11-5pm




February 1 - June 8, 2013

Belger Arts Center

2100 Walnut Street

Kansas City , Missouri

Opening and First Friday: February 1, 6-9

Gallery Hours: 10-5 Wed-Fri, 10-4 Sat



My solo exhibit, Abject Reverie will open in St. Louis at the Duane Reed Gallery on January 25th and continues through March 9th. A new work called, "Sunday" is in this exhibit that was not featured in its Kansas City showing.


Also, the works, "Covetous" and "Rapture" will be on display at the Belger Arts Center in a group show called "Adornment". This exhibition opens on First Friday, February 1st and runs through June 8th, 2013. View work by Terry Allen, Shae Bishop, Nick Bubash, William Christenberry, Viola Frey, Misty Gamble, Guy Johnson, Kate Kretz, Ed Massey, Jack Mendenhall, Ellis O'Connell, Judy Onofio, Marilyn Shapiro, Herb Snitzer, Renee Stout, William T. Wiley and others from the Belger Collection.



Abject Reverie
Recent Work by Misty Gamble
November 2 - December 22, 2012
Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art
Reception: Friday, November 2nd 7-9 pm
Gallery hours: 11-5 pm
Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment
2004 Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri

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Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art will be exhibiting a solo show of my most recent work. The exhibition, “Abject Reverie: Recent works by Misty Gamble” opens November 2nd and continues through December 22nd. The opening reception is Friday, November 2nd 7-9 PM during First Fridays in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri.

Also, I have had the great fortune to be published (both images and essays) in the latest Lark Books 500 series titled, “The Best of 500 Ceramics”, which celebrates the best of all the 500 Lark Books in ceramic art. I’m thrilled to be teaching full time since 2008, amongst inspiring colleagues and ambitious students, at the Kansas City Art Institute. This year I became an Assistant Professor. You can see my work in Chicago, Kansas City, and Virginia currently.


Issues surrounding femininity and set standards of normalcy, propriety and societal expectation inform Misty Gamble’s work. Through this work, she confronts and challenges conventional standards of femininity, beauty, and power. Sculpted multiple figural fragments provide a perfect vehicle for communicating ideas about beauty, excess, opulence and the abject. From primping and accessorizing, her work explores these issues and how they impact womanhood. The work is influenced by her continued interest in not only figuration, but fashion, textile pattern, wallpaper and hair.


Abject Reverie is a body of work comprised of multiples, ceramics, mixed media, figuration and installation. Ageless women and accessories, inspired by the Rococo are depicted through wigs, torsos, busts and two installations. Roses, filigree, and cupcakes are surrogates for hair, while chihuahuas and cupcake multiples are examples of and surrogates for decoration and excess. These covetous symbols complete the figurative form and at the same time reference an absence of body.

Legless, armless torsos and busts in the form of mannequin bodies or dress forms hold up heads with enormous coiffures. Their gaze is unapologetic, even through hair that hides the ability to see. Referencing the Santos doll and the Barbie doll, these limbless forms have detachable headS. These works represent a stoic self-defining stance.

Indulgence, Succulence, Covetous, Rapture, Delectable, Luminosity, Luxuriant, Decadence, Titillation and Opulence define the work and are signifiers for a delicious color palette, form, line, and contemporary fetish objects.


The abject, defined as that which is rejected by or disturbs social reason, and inherently disturbs conventional identity and cultural concepts is reexamined in this exhibition. Here, the abject describes the role of the feminine as decoration. Here, indulgence and excess are symbols of the abject. When provocation, opulence, beauty and the abject meet, the duality of the work is simultaneously contradictory and complimentary



j fergeson gallery presents
“Contemporary Clay Invitational”

Curated by Andrea Keys and Adam Paulek
311 N. Main Street, Farmville, Virginia
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 13, 2012                  
October 5, 2012 to December 15, 2012                                          


“Innovation Creation: Ceramics Invitational”
University of Central Missouri Gallery of Art & Design
217 Clark Street, Warrensburg, Missouri
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 23, 2012, 4-6 pm
August 23 - September 28, 2012


On September 27th, at the University of Central Missouri, I will be lecturing on “Provocation in Ceramics”. Both the Women’s Studies program and the Art Department will be presenting this lecture.



Echt Gallery
222 West Superior Street
Chicago, Illinois


Red Star Studios

Kansas City, Missouri



Art Lives! at City Arts

Wichita, KS

An exhibition by the Kansas Chapter of The Feminist Art Project

March 28-April 21, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, March 30

Collaboration with Marguerite Perret


“Tanning and the Proprieties of Worth”
Grand Theatre Center for the Arts

715 Central Avenue
Tracy, California
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 28th, 12 to 2 pm
January 28 - March 10 2012
Gallery hours: Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-2

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KCAI 2011 Faculty Exhibition: Narrow Margins

H&R Block Artspace

October 14 - December 14, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday, October 14

Gallery Hours: Tues - Fri 12-5 pm, Sat 11-5 pm

Kansas City, Missouri



Remembered Light: The McDonald Windows

Opening: June 24, 2011
Ogborn Gallery, Sullivan Munce Cultural Center
Zionsville, Indiana



Santa Fe Clay Gallery
April 22 - June 4, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, April 22, 5-7 pm
Gallery hours: Mon-Sat 9-5 pm
545 Camino de la Familia
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Storytellers: 10 Sculptors Working in Clay

March 29-April 30
Clayton Gallery
4105 S. McDill Avenue, Tampa, FL
Opening Reception: Friday, April 1, 7-9 PM
Gallery hours: Tues-Fri 10-5 and Sat 11-4
Artists: Cheryl Tall, Gerit Grimm, Cynthia Siegel, Angel Dicosolo, Magda Gluszek, Misty Gamble, Priscilla Hollingsworth, Maria De Castr, Ceil Sturdevan and Nuala Creed


Red Star Gallery NCECA Gallery Exposition 2011

March 29-April 1
Tampa Convention Center, Central Hall, Tampa, FL
Opening reception Tuesday, March 30, 6:30 - 8:00pm
Wednesday - Thursday 9-6, Friday April 2, 9-5.


Artists in Residence Alumni Exhibition

March 11-April 8, 2011
Armory Art Center, East Gallery
1700 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL
Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 10-4, Sat 10-2


3+3: a clay survey

Christa Assad, Scott Bennett, Misty Gamble, Chris Gustin, Alisa Holen, Adam Shiverdecker
Curated by Tony Wright

January 14 - March 6, 2011
Opening Reception Friday, February 18

Space 301
301 Conti Street
Mobile, Alabama


Organized to coincide with the 26th Annual Alabama Clay Conference, the exhibition includes work by Christa Assad  (Berkley, CA), Misty Gamble (Kansas City, MO) and Chris Gustin (South Dartmouth, MA). These three guest artists will be the featured conference presenters on stage at the Saenger Theater February 18-19, 2011. Also featured are works by three artists from our region, Scott Bennett (Birmingham, AL), Alisa Holen (Columbus, MS) and Adam Shiverdecker (Pensacola, FL). Individually, each of these six artists has what could be described as an emerging to well establish presence in the world of ceramic art. Collectively, the work included in this exhibition demonstrates a solid range of expression possible within the ceramic medium.

Mixed Media - Ceramics Plus Exhibition

Westerwald Ceramics Museum
Höhr Grenzhausen, Germany
Opening: Friday, September 17, 2010
September 17 - January 31, 2011


Duane Reed Gallery
4729 McPherson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri
September 10 - October 16, 2010


Body and Soul

Baltimore Clayworks
5707 Smith Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland
October 2 - November 13, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 2, 6-8 PM


SOFA Chicago

Duane Reed Gallery
November 5-7, 2010
Festival Hall, Navy Pier
Lay of the Land: George Timock, Cary Esser, Paul Donnelly

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art
Kansas City, Missouri
Opening: Friday, September 3, 7-9 pm
September 3 - October 30, 2010


Undressing the Feminine: Misty Gamble, Anne Drew Potter and Connie Imboden

Mindy Solomon Gallery
124 2nd Ave. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 3, 6-8:30
July 3 - August 14, 2010
Gallery Hours: 11-5 Wednesday-Saturday and Tuesday by appointment


Character Building, Building Character

Lawrence Art Center
940 New Hampshire Street, Lawrence, KS
Opening Reception: Friday, May 14, 7-9 pm
May 14-June 13, 2010


This collection of artists explores the idea of identity and elements that may inform it. These explorations range from personal narratives to

broader concerns of the human condition. The exhibit will have pieces in a wide range of mediums and approaches to art making.
Artists: Dave Van Hee, Amy Lenharth, Paul Hotvedt, Misty Gamble, Michael Krueger, Paul Flinders, Deb Stavin, Christa Dalien


Primping and the Currency of Worth: Recent Work by Misty Gamble

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art
2004 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 4th 7-9 pm
March 4 - April 24, 2010
Gallery Hours: 11-5 Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment


Watershed Resident Showcase

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Room 408
1201 Market Street, Philadelophia, PA 19107

National Conference for the Education of Ceramic Arts
Gallery Hours: Thursday, April 1st, 9-5 and Friday, April 2nd 9-4


I have a piece in the “NCECA Watershed Resident Showcase”, which highlights more than 30 past resident artists. The Watershed Exhibition will be in Room 408 of the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1201 Market Street Thursday April 1 & Friday April 2, 9:00am - 5:00pm each day. 
Featured Artists: Michal Alon, Lesley Baker, Ingrid Bathe, Eve Behar, Susan Biener, Ruth Borgenicht, George Bowes, Lucy Breslin, Yasha Butler, Linda Casbon, Autumn Cipala, Israel Davis, Kate Doody, Lynn Duryea, Seo Eo, Reeder Fahnestock, Misty Gamble, Tyler Gulden, Chris Gustin, Lana Heckendorn, Sarah House, JoAnn Schnabel, Elizabeth Kendall, Brandon Lutterman , JJ McCracken, Laura Jean McLaughlin, Jeffrey Mongrain, Sean O'Connell, Shawn O'Conner, Seth Rainville, Hope Rovelto, Lauren Sandler, Amy Santoferraro, Anat Shiftan, Daniel Ricardo Teran, Sharon Townshend, Kim Tucker, Meredith Host.

Object Lessons: Recent Works from the KCAI Ceramics Program

October 24 - November 21, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 24, 5-9 pm
Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12-6 pm
Craft In America Study Center
8415 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Work by the KCAI ceramics department will be featured in an exhibition from Oct. 24 to Nov. 21 at the Craft in America Study Center Gallery in Los Angeles. The show will include a selection of pieces made by students who were working in the department in February 2009 when Craft in America filmed a segment on KCAI that aired Oct. 7 on PBS. It also will include pieces by faculty members Cary Esser, George Timock, Paul Donnelly, Tom Binger, Misty Gamble and former department chair Victor Babu. Esser will give a presentation at the exhibition opening Oct. 24 on the KCAI ceramics program.


Small Works, Miniatures and Maquettes

July 8 - August 29, 2009
Opening Reception Saturday, July 11, 7-9pm
The John Natsoulas Gallery
521 First Street
Davis, CA 95616
Featuring works by Camille Claudel, Bill Abright, Margaret Keelan, Lisa Clague, Arthur Gonzalez, Shalene Valenzuela, Misty Gamble and many many others.


Four Fired

Cynthia Consentino • Misty Gamble • Beverly Mayeri • Tip Toland 

June 19 - July 31, 2009

Opening Reception Friday, June 19th 5-8pm 

Duane Reed Gallery
4729 McPherson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri

The Duane Reed Gallery is excited to present Four Fired, a group exhibition featuring the work of four female artists working in clay, whose figurative creations transcend the clay tradition by exploring the human condition. Beautifully crafted and wildly imaginative, their work address issues like identity, consumption, human desire and fear. Tip Toland's hauntingly realistic works evoke reaction as they show humanity in all states, and at all ages. The synthetic hair and wax lip used add a further life-like quality to her brutally honest figures. Beverly Mayeri's dream-like sculptures are subtlety, yet richly painted rather than glazed. She explores the contradiction and ever-changing sides of oneself, one's yearnings and fears, strengths and fragility in her work. Cynthia Consentino and Misty Gamble look more to society and cultural mores for inspiration. Gamble's eccentric personalities question the perception of normalcy and appropriateness of human and social behaviors, while Consentino layers her works with references to stories and metaphor to comment on the "dualities and apparent incongruities" within gender and societal roles.


Emergence: The Resident Artist Exhibition

The Armory Art Center
1700 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida
Reception: Friday, April 24 6-9 PM
Exhibition: April 24-May 15
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 9-4:30 PM & Saturday 9-2 PM
Misty Gamble Lecture: Wednesday, April 15 7:30 PM
Resident Artists Lecture: Tuesday, April 28 7:30 PM

On April 24th, I’m showing a new series of work at The Armory Art Center’s annual Resident Exhibition. The exhibition will include sculptural, functional, installation, and figurative work by the 2008-2009 Resident Artists. On Wednesday, April 15th, 7:30 PM, I will be lecturing about my work in The Armory’s Library.


Human Narratives: Conversations in Clay

Victoria Boyce Gallery
7130 East Main Street in Scottsdale
Artists: Arthur Gonzalez, Shalene Valenzuela, Beth Lo, Misty Gamble, Cynthia Consentino, Gerit Grimm, Kicki Masthem, Trisha Kyner, and Sandra Trujillo
Reception: Thursday, April 9, 7-9 pm
Exhibition: April 7-23

The Watershed 6: Unwrap/Wrap

Hyatt Regency Gallery in Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ
Artists: Misty Gamble, Monica Leap, Krisaya Luenganantakul, Elisavet Papatheodorou, Daniel Ricardo Teran, and Adero Willard

Spring is right around the corner. Though here in Florida, it’s rather confusing having summer weather during the winter months. Soon it will be hotter than a raku kiln - where sweat pours out of your skin like it does during a bronze pour at the foundry. During the National Conference for the Education of Ceramic Arts, I’ll be showing new work created during my residency at The Armory Art Center. I have two shows during the conference and one that extends through the month of April. If you are at NCECA, you can find me at the Kansas City Art Institute table. Stop by and say hello.


What the Future May Hold: Artists Consider the Post-Bush World

Santa Fe Clay Gallery
1615 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Reception: Friday, January 23, 2009 5-7 PM
January 23-February 21, 2009

A few months back, when nearly everyone in this country, if not the world, was a little afraid to wake up on the morning of November 5th, Santa Fe Clay posed this question to 50 ceramic artists: What does that post-Bush world look like to you? Are you hopeful? Scared? Renewing your passport? Then the gallery asked that the artists express their speculation or dread or celebration, whatever it was they might be feeling as we rounded this corner into the unknown, in clay. Some 30 national recognized artists took up the challenge and on January 23rd, Santa Fe Clay opens a month-long exhibition titled "What the Future May Hold: Artists Consider the Post-Bush World". The roster of artists who have agreed to participate is impressive and includes many newcomers to Santa Fe Clay like Pavel Amromin, Renee Audette, Jesse Albrecht, Ehren Tool and Nuala Creed, as well as artists we have shown in the past: Joe Bova, Bart Johnson, Misty Gamble, Gena Fowler, Charles Kraft, James Tisdale, Diego Romero and many more.


Confrontational Ceramics

Curated by Judith Schwartz, PhD
Westchester Arts Council’s Arts Exchange
White Plains, New York
October 3 - December 13, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday, October 3, 6 pm
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12-5 pm

I will be showing new work in the Confrontational Ceramics exhibition in New York. This exhibition is a monumental encore to its 2000 predecessor. The show highlights the work of over 60 artists creating original and riveting work that prompts viewers to see clay as a medium completely unbound from its tradition, as the artists confront social, political, and environmental issues that effect us all.

Artists: Anna Adler, Pavel Amromin, Wesley Anderegg, Timothy Berg, Russell Biles, Tenille Blair-Neff, Christina Bothwell, Jason Briggs, Becca Broughton & Andy Copolla, Jim Budde, Toby Buonagurio, John Byrd, Marek Cecula, Nicole Agbay Cherubini, Myung Jin Choi, Richard Cleaver, Cynthia Consentino, Linda Cordell, Adrianne Crane, Nuala Creed, Pamela Earnshaw Kelly, Micheline Gingras & Raymon Elozua, Michelle Erickson, Janice Farley, Linda S. Fitz Gibbon, Nancy Fried, David Furman, Misty Gamble, Edith Garcia, Arthur Gonzalez, Peter Gourfain, Heather Houston, Sergei Isupov, Margaret Keelan, Kathy King, Kenjiro Kitade, Jeff Koons, Jung Won & Insun Lee, Daniel Levi, Joe Madrigal, Laura Jean McLaughlin, Eva Melas, Sana Musasama,Tony Natsoulas, Matt Nolen, Richard T. Notkin, Adelaide S. Paul, Anne Potter, Louise Radochonski, Tim Roda, Katy Rush, Fausto Salvi, Reinaldo Sanguino, Jeff Schlanger, Bonnie Seeman, Matt Shaffer, Elise Siegel, Kim Simonsson, Jinsoo Song, Dirk Staschke, Melissa Stern, Greg Stewart, Lee Stoliar, Jack Thompson, Ehren Tool, Rimas VisGirda, Michaelene Walsh, Maryann Webster, Paula Winokur, Janis Mars Wunderlich, Ioranides Yiannes, Julie York, Arnie Zimmerman


Beauty and Power: New Work by Misty Gamble

Cricket Engine Gallery
499 Embarcadero Avenue, Building #3
Oakland, CA
Reception: July 11, 6-9 PM
Closing: July 20, 3-6 PM
Gallery hours by appointment

Cricket Engine Gallery hosts a solo exhibition of new work by Misty Gamble. Fresh off of a one-year residency at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Maine, Misty exhibits ceramic sculptural figurative work from the two series “Chanel” and “Big Hair”. This solo show will engage the viewer by questioning his or her own notion of beauty and power. What is considered beautiful as one ages? How do woman empower themselves? How do power and beauty relate?


Watershed Winter Residents Group Exhibition

University Of Arkansas Monticello
LTC Gallery
517 University Drive
Monticello, Arkansas
July 2008


Watershed Residents Exhibition

Worcester Center for Crafts
Krikorian Gallery
25 Sagamore Road
Worcester, Massachusetts
February 7 - February 29, 2008
Reception: February 7, 6 - 8 PM
Artist Talk: 5 PM

I'm delighted to announce that I will be showing one of three new bodies of work created during my residency at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts. My work continues to be informed by my interests in issues surrounding femininity and set standards of normalcy, propriety and societal expectation. In my new work, I challenge conventional notions of beauty, aging and class. The Chanel Series is comprised of three life-size ceramic women seated in chairs. These pastel colored, cosmetically enhanced women sit and pose in Chanel suits with large, elaborate coiffures.

Artists: Misty Gamble, Monica Leap, Krisaya Luenganantakul, Elisavet Papatheodorou, Daniel Teran, Adero Willard


Watershed Residents Exhibition

Clay Art Center
Choy Gallery
40 Beech Street, Port Chester, New York
March 1 - 22, 2008
Reception: March 1, 6 - 8 PM

For this exhibition, I will be showing a new body of work titled, The Amour Series. The series is based on the image of the Degas ballerina and the colors of Valentine's Day. Single ballerinas are displayed in poses suggesting self-love through physical pleasure.


Remembered Light: The McDonald Windows

Washington State History Museum
Tacoma, Washington
January 12-March 2, 2008
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 29, 2008

Artists: Narcissus Quagliata, Armelle Le Roux, Misty Gamble, Joseph Distefano, Craig Clemens, Peter K. Eichhorn, Constance Levathes, Ariana Makau, Alan Rhodes, Robert Shank, Irmigard Steding, and Daniel Ziegler.

The Washington State History Museum is the first museum to host Remembered Light. Glass Fragments from World War II, The McDonald Windows, a new exhibit of glass art pieces featuring shards of stained glass from European sanctuaries damaged or destroyed during World War II. U.S. Army Chaplain Frederick A. McDonald gathered more than 300 stained glass shards from the rubble of war-shattered churches and a synagogue as he traveled with General Omar Bradley’s 12th Army Group from 1944 to 1945. For the next 55 years, the glass fragments remained under McDonald’s bed in a cardboard box. One evening in 1999, during a dinner party with friends, Seattle-born McDonald shared the story of the glass shards. Stained-glass artist Armelle Le Roux met with McDonald and what ensued were a great friendship and an ambitious project to turn the glass fragments into pieces of art, each telling the story of World War II through McDonald’s eyes. McDonald worked with artists from around the world until his death in 2002, providing inspiration and focus to turn shards of stained glass into beautiful windows through which light would once again shine. With Le Roux as the project leader, the artists incorporated the shards and McDonald’s recollections into windows and other works, each offering a snapshot of McDonald’s experiences in war-torn Europe. In all, 13 artists created 25 windows and other glass art pieces in diverse media including ceramic, silkscreen, vinyl, copper, and glass. Their work takes a range of forms and dimensions, varying from a 9 x 14-inch glass book by Le Roux, its shard from an unknown site, to a 41 x 30-inch crown of thorns created in antique glass by Narcissus Quagliata, with shards from the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Metz, France. Remembered Light: Glass Fragments from World War II, The McDonald Windows was developed by the Frederick A. McDonald Foundation. After a national tour, the exhibit will be permanently housed at the Presidio Main Post Interfaith Chapel in San Francisco.


The Seven Deadly Sins

Santa Fe Clay
January 4 - February 2, 2008
Reception: Friday, January 4, 5-7 pm
1615 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, New Mexico

This national invitational exhibition will include work that illuminates the vices of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

Artists: Misty Gamble, Chuck Aydlett, Tom Bartel, Russell Biles, Joe Bova, Cynthia Consentino, Linda Cordell, Myra Dalland, Kowkie Durst, Debra Fritts, Lauren Gallaspy, Carol Gentithes, Arthur Gonzalez, Elizabeth Hunt, Jared Janovec, Tsehai Johnson, Bart Johnson, Margaret Keelan, Kathy King, Max Lehman, Emily McGarrity, Ron Meyers, Andy Nasisse, Kelly Rathbone, Lisa Reinertson, Katy Rush, Matt Shaffer, Kevin Snipes, James Tisdale, Kurt Weiser, Christina West.


Cream: From the Top at Arts Benicia Gallery

July 14-August 26, 2007
Reception: Sunday, July 22, 3-5 pm
Arts Benicia Gallery
991 Tyler Street, Suite 114, Benicia
Thursday-Sunday 12-5

This invitational annual show features artists that have risen to the top of their classes in Bay Area graduate arts programs. The 16 artists come from California College of the Arts, Mills College, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco State University, Stanford University, and University of California, Berkeley.

2007 Cream Artists: Misty Gamble, Lindsay Benedict, Robert Burden, Julie Chang, Erika Dawn, Sophie de Lignerolles, Lori del Mar, Kara Hearn, Ginelle Hustrulid, Bessma Khalaf, Dan Lydersen, Emily McLeod, Karen Olsen-Dunn, Kamau Amu Patton, Heather Sparks, Edmund Wyss, Jenny Zito Artists' Forum Saturday, August 25th.

Forum Guest Panelists: Kenneth Baker, Art Critic, San Francisco Chronicle; Linda Fleming, Professor, MFA Program; Chair, Sculpture Program, California College of the Arts Glen Helfand, Adjunct Professor, MFA Programs at the California College of the Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute; Lecturer, Mills College; Art Critic