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Studio Nong Residency – China SUMMER 2016


The Studio Nong International Sculpture Collective announces its return to China for a second Eastern residency in China!

Our eight-member collective, has recently increased in scope and size and now includes artist/educators from the US, Italy, and China. One of our newest members is Paolo Porelli. He is an Italian ceramic figurative artist and the co-founder of C.R.E.T.A. Rome. There will be new and outstanding members from China accompanying us as well. Their names will be announced as soon as they are selected. Another exciting development is the addition of interns and assistants who have been handpicked from the United States by the American participants of the collective. Everyone is making plans to travel, work and live together in China from July 15 through August 15, 2016. While in residence time will be split between two studio spaces. First we will be traveling to JingdeZhen to work on-site, for one week, at the studios of Master sculptor and Professor Lichao from the JingdeZhen Ceramics Institute. The three following weeks will be spent in Nanning, China, at our new Studio Nong Residency campus built by Bangmin Nong.

After formalizing an international internship program with the Kansas City Art Institute, Memphis College of Art and Studio Nong, Hunter Pace (KCAI), William Plummer (KCAI) and an Rachel Stovall [MCA] were awarded internships through a competitive application process. This unique partnership has created a singular opportunity that will support special internships for students from our institutions in the West. The Studio Nong Summer 2016 Internship is multi-faceted in that our interns will be working with artists and educators from Italy, China and the US during a fast-paced and rigorous residency program that will require the intern to maintain a high degree of maturity, flexibility, global savvy, attention to detail and physical and mental stamina, while helping facilitate the details and the larger responsibilities that accompany working with a group of dedicated artists.

Until the summer, we look forward to reuniting the entire collective in Kansas City for the 50th Anniversary of NCECA, that will be happening in Kansas City, Missouri. Please come and see our NCECA Concurrent Exhibition at Weinberger Fine Art Gallery. This exhibition highlights work created last summer while in residence at the Memphis College of Art and Kansas City Art Institute. We hope you will join us for an opening reception on Thursday March 17th from 5-7pm.



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Faculty Led Travel Program to Florence, Italy

KCAI at SACI: Immaculate Immersion in the City of Florence

May 19 - June 25, 2016



This is a 6-week study abroad course held at the SACI school (Studio Art Centers International) in Florence, Italy from May 19-June 25, 2016. This faculty-led program will consist of a 3-credit interdisciplinary class taught by Misty Gamble, Assistant Professor in Foundation at KCAI with an additional 3-credit course of the students’ choosing from the curriculum of the Studio Arts Centers International, Florence (SACI). This will be a rigorous program with total immersion into the City of Florence and the Florentine Renaissance. The focus will be on form and content as it relates to the individual student’s research. Student cost includes an apartment and separate studio in Florence, use of the SACI campus facilities, tuition for two courses, and weekend excursions.


“Composition, Form and Content From the City of Florence” with Assistant Professor, Misty Gamble

This 3-credit studio course will be an open elective where the instructor will operate as a guide to the student’s discovery of form and research in the City of Florence. Students will work in a variety of media in the designated studio in addition to using drawing and photography at on-site locations. This course would focus on the student’s independent and guided research in Florence using multiple medias as a vehicle to create both form and content. SACI can arrange for students to have the appropriate supplies and tools, but students will have the option of bringing their supplies with them. A camera is mandatory. Perceptual studies, both two and three dimensional, will be encouraged as well as lens based work. The focus of this course is not as much on a specific media as a tradition but on a contemporary interdisciplinary approach that the student will help to realize. In addition the SACI designated studio space operates as an investigative space to experiment and synthesize the experience of being a student in Florence. In the field, we will use the City of Florence as our studio and source. Students will visit sites and study work to appropriate and bring back into the studio experience. Students will be evaluated through individual and group critiques and are expected to maintain a consistent studio practice that will culminate in a final project. Students will be expected to work outside of class during provided hours.Students will additionally have an Art Historian led trip each Sunday to the following venues in Tuscany: (1) Fiesole, (2) Siena and San Gimignano, (3) Pisa and Lucca, and (4) Sansepolcro, Montercchi, and Arezzo* which will be integrated into the course content as these cities play a particular role in the development of what we have come to know as the Florentine Renaissance. *These locations/venues subject to change.



I’m spending summer 2011 in Kansas City and the east coast creating new work for fall exhibitions and a spring solo at Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art ( In mid July, I leave for Newcastle, Maine, where I’m the group leader and fellow for an Artist Invite Artist Summer Residency at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts.


Eight nationally recognized female artists, working conceptually with the body, will come together to work, live, eat, share and grow, individually and collectively. This dynamic group of women identify as ceramicists, painters, glass artists, installation artists and sculptors and make work that ranges from life-size hollow built figures to figurative fragments and internal organs; from slip cast multiples and mixed media installations to classical figurative sculpture and kiln formed glass. Spaces are still available for other residents to attend. Contact Watershed for info ( The AIA Watershed residents are Jessie Fisher, Shalene Valenzuela (, Leandra Urrutia (, Akiko Jackson (, Crystal Kamoroff (, Trish Kyner ( and Armelle Le Roux ( Congratulations to Akiko, Shalene and Armelle for receiving the prestigious Kiln God Award.


Following Watershed, I’m traveling to Cummington, Massachusetts for an Artist-in-Residency at Project Art ( and collaboration with Molly Hatch ( in the Berkshires.

University of Florida Workshop and Lecture

Friday, May 29 & 30, 2009 at 9:00am
Fine Arts Building C
Inner Road, Gainesville, Florida 352-359-2015

H.O.T. Clay welcomes visiting artist Misty Gamble. Misty will demonstrate her clay working techniques in Fine Arts Building C (FAC), room B2 on Friday and Saturday mornings. She will present a slide lecture on her work Friday at 1pm and a lecture on promotion, marketing and professional practices Saturday morning at 11am. Both lectures will be held in FAC room 102. All events are free and open to the public.

Critical Ceramics

February 2009

Last year at this time, I was knee deep in snow and midway through a long winter in Maine. Then, I spent the summer in Oakland, followed by a very busy fall in Kansas City. Here it is winter again, but this time, I’m surrounded by palm trees, beaches and warm days in West Palm Beach. I ride my beach cruiser (circa 1981) to and from the studio every day, where I’m producing a new body of work. Recently, I relived my Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts experience while reading a wonderful article written by my old studio mate and friend, Monica Leap. It was really nice recalling that special time when I was an artist-in-residence in Maine. Here is the link.

I’d also like to share with you an article about my students at the Kansas City Art Institute. Here is the link.